Thursday, July 10, 2008

darn RWMF 08!!

ergh~ masuk2 YM pagi ni, terus nampak status msg Vinn ckp pasal Rainforest World Music Festival 08! geram siott! i wish i was there to witness that 3-day event! aihh..kali terakhir pegi time 2005 ngan azza. - that was in 2nd year. mase 1st year, pegi ngan sim, yoke wan, wai san and her fren (lupa name! huhu). it was soooOOOoooo much fun! pegi dgn kwn2 yg happening sgt best! ok, rephrase 'happening' here - NO alcohol, NO drugs, ONLY FUN!! uwaaaaaaaa.... bile lg mau pegi ni....uhuk2~

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