Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Robin Hood (2010)

I believe the name Robin Hood is not foreign to any of us. We all know this guy and his marvel tale of being an outlaw and stealing from the rich to feed the poor. But how many of us know the story before he became the legendary Robin Hood? Here’s the movie to tell you what happened before he became an outlaw and dubbed as the Prince of Thieves.

I will not elaborate on the movie synopsis. Let’s just go straight into what I think of the movie.
  • I was quite bored with the storyline. I thought the movie tried to climax a little too many times. At one point, I was just hoping the movie would end soon.
  • For most part of the battle, I couldn’t see what was flying, whose blood is it, and what were they hitting. But hey, it’s a battle. You can’t make battles in slow-mo. Err... can you??
  • Props were kinda phony.
  • Robin Hood played by Russell Crowe looks a bit flabby. LOL. But other than, brilliant character.
  • I thought Cate Blanchett played her character (Maid Marian) well! She was calmed and composed.
  • Too many scenes going back and forth. I hated the idea of having to squeeze my brain juice to digest some scenes. Hukhuk.
  • During the final battle scene (when the Englishmen rode their horses towards the cliff), the background music changed abruptly. It sorta killed my mood.

Dang. I couldn’t think of any positive comments! I think I better stop reviewing before it gets too biased! Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of ancient battles, you might wanna catch this movie. I think many people will like the movie, but I just didn't. But mind you, not to compare this movie with Gladiator or 300. Robin Hood (2010) might just turn out as a decent movie – not GREAT great, but just fair enough.

Rise and rise again,
until lambs become lions.

* We watched this movie before the US release date! Yeay!
* Thank you R.AGE, for the double passes!
* Follow R.AGE on Twitter today! They have lots of giveaways from time to time. *winks*

9 other story teller(s):

.::WaNiE::. said...

waiting for freddy krueger !! kekeke

atreyu strange said...

@Wanie - ohh, nak tgk jugak! huhu~

haslina said...

belum kesempatan tgk lagi...
salam singgah..

atreyu strange said...

@haslina - donlod jek. erkk.

jfook said...

I haven't watch yet. LOL

kenwooi said...

i hope to watch it soon! =)

atreyu strange said...

@jfook, @kenwooi - err.. erm, can i suggest to download ny?? huhu~

Sky0ne said...

kire phail ke filem ni?

atreyu strange said...

@Skyone - I would say yes FAIL, but there has been mixed reviews about this film. ade jugak org yg suke kan.. but most critics mmg kritik abis ler. =.=

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