Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tokio Hotel

Woohoo people! It’s been awhile since I last updated this blog! I was quite busy since the past week. Plus, Falkor made us all very stressful. But, he is all OKAY now. :)

Anyway, here’s a quick update. On Labor Day, we went to the Tokio Hotel concert in Central Park Avenue. The crowd was big and VIOLENT. Haha. But lucky us, when we were just about to line up *cough, cough*, the gate beside us opened up as an alternative entry to the concert area. I believe we were among the first 100 people to get into the concert area.

Opening acts were Pop Shuvit and Bunkface. Awesome performance from two awesome bands. Somewhere along the way during Bunkface’s performance, the sound system went off but the band continued playing and singing. Some uneducated, childish, stupid and immature kids boo-ed. I find that rather, well, uneducated, childish, stupid and immature obviously. You can disagree with me and you can claim that you were just taunting the organizer but people, PEOPLE; HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR THE BAND ON STAGE. *rolls eyes*

Ohh, I also HATED all the songs that they were playing in between the bands. Can you believe that while waiting for the next band to set up the stage, the organizers played songs from Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber?? I mean, yeah I admit I like them both *gulp*, but does anyone even notice that we are at Tokio Hotel’s concert???

So anyway, Tokio Hotel came on stage and played a few songs. Not much interaction with the crowd BUT it’s all good. I know most of their songs but I don’t really know the lyrics. I was hoping they would play Monsoon and they did at the very end of the concert. But how unfortunate, they sang it in German so yeah, I was lost again. Haha.

I didn’t take any picture myself but here’s some from a friend. Credits to Azza.

Ok cao!

* So many movie reviews pending! =.=

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Farid Fernandez said...




deus X machina said...

kurang la beb tokio hotel...
layan lagi aku pop shuvit...

atreyu strange said...

@Farid - yer, layankan aje.

@Deus - Pop Shuvit dah tua dowh. Dah jadi oldskool rocker! Haha!

ohmywtf said...

am i the only one who think tokio hotel look like adam lambert??

atreyu strange said...

@ohmywtf - if you're referring to bill kaulitz of tokio hotel, i think the rest of the world think so too. they are both gay anyway.

..nOj.. said...

i dream of sleeping with bill kaulitz everyday. hahaha

atreyu strange said...

@noj - and i imagine NOTHING could have happened. LOL!

Anonymous said...

ohmywtf you must have to know that Adam Lambert is in love with Bill, he said that all the time... sooo Adam dress like Bill always.

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