Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cekap la wei!

You know how many of us are very skeptical when it comes to government service? I’m one of those people too. For the most part, I hate the fact that most government websites do not load properly on browsers OTHER THAN Internet Explorer. It’s time these government offices sack their current webmaster and hire someone who knows how to tweak the website to support all browsers.

Oh, that’s not the point of this entry.

The thing is, my road tax will be expiring this weekend. I know we can renew it at the post office but I’m just too lazy to 1) prepare the documents to be brought to the post office and 2) find the nearest post office to my working place. Okay fine, no 1 is an exaggeration. Padahal the ONLY document I need to bring with me is the car registration card. LOL!

Ahh well, the kesimpulan is I’M JUST LAZY okay? So I opted for the online road tax renewal via MyEG Services website. Perfect for the lazy bums! It only requires some basic information like your name, NRIC, delivery method, address, car registration no and renewal period. No need to upload anything, no lengthy details and you just need to log on to your online banking account for payment transactions. Totally hassle free!

Summary of transaction:
Road tax renewal fee – RM 45.00 (6 months)
e-Service charge – RM 2.75
Delivery charge – RM6.00

Worthy? YES! What’s RM6 on delivery charge compared to my travel cost to the post office and lunch time used to run the errand!

Now that I have submitted my road tax renewal via MyEG, it’s time to sit and wait for the delivery lah kan? How long do you think it will take for the road tax to be delivered to my home? 1 day? 2 days? 3 days?

None of the above. It only took them 6 hours to process and deliver it! Yes, you read it correctly. I went online in the morning around 9 am, received a call from an officer at 12 noon, and my sister acknowledged the receipt at 2.30pm.

Damn cekap la wei. Seriously, I did not expect things to be fast at all. In fact, that was one of the reasons why I submitted the renewal 4 days earlier than the expiring date. I must admit, I am caught off guard by MyEG Services. Keep it up guys! You’re doing great. You might as well take over all the other government sites. LOL!

* Thinking about replacing my MyKad via the portal too.. Hehe..

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Aidi-Safuan said...

replacing mykad via portal? is it possible?

atreyu strange said...

@aidi - yes, bro! even kalau hilang pun, leh buat replacement via the portal je! hehe..

Iwani said...

MyEG ftw!!!!!

.::WaNiE::. said...

oo cepat betulll

atreyu strange said...

@Iwani - I'd like to think that you have something to do with MyEG, no? Huhu~

@Wanie - SANGAT cepat!

..nOj.. said...

betul ke ni weh? roadtax aku pun mati bln ni. bole la buat kt cni je. weh tp ade dgr x iklan kt kate myeg offer free roadtax tu tah camne ambk gambar pastu antar. puas aku carik info dlm myeg n tp x jumpe. ade tau x

atreyu strange said...

@noj - btol la ni.. tp ko duduk kat pahang kan? i think it will still take 1 day utk delivery la.

Pasal free road tax, aku pun ade dengar. Tapi promo tu masih ada ke? Coz aku pun tak nampak promo ni kat website tu. Huhu..

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