Monday, March 09, 2009

Lost Love

Sometimes, when love between two people has crumbled, one decides that LIFE ENDS there too. They refuse food. They do not go out and have fun. They resign from their job. Stop going to school.

All for the sake of lost love.

Honestly, I really cannot digest such attitude. Why do people want to resign from their job? Why does she stop attending classes? Why do you refuse food? One conclusion: you want the attention from the person who left you. Well, you might win the attention back, but I perceive this win as nothing more than a sympathetic win.

So anyone out there experiencing a lost love, get back on your feet. Why let that love die? If it is not for her, there are others who needs it. Kids on the street, kids at shelter homes, old folks left by their kids... There is so much love that we can give to others. Share it with those who WANTS and NEEDS the love. Don't let it die on you...

I am not a saint. Neither am I religious. It amazes me sometimes why I could continue living a life even with all my dark secrets, yet someone who prays to God EVERYDAY fails to get up and move on. As a matter of fact, if you believe in God, then why STOP LIVING?

* I've always thought of myself as a lost soul. In fact, my sister kept my phone number with the ID Lost Soul. But I did not realize that there are lost souls far more lost than I am...
* This is a mature reading, so if you cannot bring yourself to agree to the above, you're NOT MATURE.
* I am not mature at my attitude level, but I am mature at my thinking level. And since thinking comes before attitude, I have no problem with it. Agreed, cognitive scientists?

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C i k P i N said...

.absolutely agree, atreyu.

.in life, we must accept finite dissappointment,but never lose infinite hope.

.there are always love everywhere.

.That kind of person who ended their life because of love known as dumb and stupid ass.

atreyu strange said...

a**?? ouch, isn't that a lil' harsh to say..?? huhu. but you said it well.

well done, cik pin! you're 99.9% mature! *nobody is perfect*


cik bit said...


"I am not mature at my attitude level, but I am mature at my thinking level. And since thinking comes before attitude, I have no problem with it."

i like dis..its sooo spek8..

atreyu strange said...

ahaa. we are crazy on the outside but definitely sane from within. go spek8 go! *rajoo's style*

callister said...

memang mcm2 la kalo putus cinta ni..
tapi masa putus cinta dulu xda la smpai nk wat benda2 yang pelik mcm 2 kan..
just take time untuk membiasakan diri..

atreyu strange said...

betol3! *mood upin ipin masih membara*

mula2 mmg la sengsara. mcm2 cara kita try utk melalui detik2 putus chenta. but after awhile, we have to look at ourselves in the mirror and get that strength to move on. sampai bile mau mourn over your past, right? uhuhu~

Anonymous said...

your *one conclusion* is utter bullshit...has nothing to do with *attention*...don't assume what you know nothing about...

Anonymous said...

have you ever heard of the stages of grieving? give people a break. depression is one of them. from the way you seem to view things, i dont believe you have ever had your heart broken, but judging from how cold you seem, its probally because you dont even have a heart.
when i figuire out how to set up the profile or whatever you will know who i am.

peace and love.

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