Saturday, March 14, 2009

Less Is Better

No makeup, less makeup or more makeup?
How much makeup is less? And how much makeup is more?
Oh wait, here's a better question:


Some girls look good without any makeup, and yeahh, it's called natural beauty. Some girls try too hard to look pretty, but they end up looking like drag queens.

There's a girl that rides the same bus as me who I notice has no makeup on and she looks dreadful! I repeat, DREADFUL. Almost as dreadful as Eva Longoria without her makeup (sorry Matt). A bit of blusher, concealer and lip balm for that pale lips would be nice, darling!

Another girl I notice, she has TOO MUCH makeup on. If her skin could speak, they would have dialled 911! She should lighten up.

I guess, less is better. How much less? I don't know. I'm no good at makeup at all. In fact, I only put on blushers to work, and SO light, you could barely notice it's there (personal satisfaction). Ouhh, and lip balm is a must. Do you consider lip balm as makeup?? Huhu.

But this is only my opinion. As a female. Guys? Hmm..

With or without, Tyra Banks is HOTT.

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Aimar said...

bukankah semulajadi itu lebih baik?

lihat aku..tak perlukan apa-apa..minyak rambut pun tak pakai (deodorant itu wajib)..tapi aku masih hot..

atreyu strange said...

natural beauty is always the best option, but if the skin is too pale, aku tengok pun takowt dowh~ huhu.

*aku bukan kutuk sape2 yer. aku sedar aku ni xde la beautifool sgt. ahaa~

callister said...

haha...asalkn kita selesa dgn ape yang kita wat ok la..
kalo xselesa, payah gak..

k3i said...

yep.. a dab of powder, some sweet lippie shud do lah..

more o less, tgk occasion lah..

as a girl, make up is a must! yeah, definitely!

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