Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meet Rocky and Button

Oh look, I found out what else the video on Samsung Galaxy S can do!

A black and white video effect

And a sepia video effect!

Woot! Two super nice effects! Although between the two, I love the sepia effect more. I think if Indie artistes plan to have their own music video at low cost, they can just consider shooting the video from this phone! Go old school with black and white effect or dramatic with sepia effect. LOL!

By the way, that's the hamsters I bought for my lil' brother. He was bugging me for weeks until I finally decided to get him the pet. But it looks like I am having more fun watching and filming them. I'm planning to get a bigger cage though. Look at how that female one climbing up and down the cage. And maybe to get her that wheel thingy to ride on too. Err.. anyone know how much I should budget for all these?? Huhu..

* I want to keep the phone! RAAWWRR!!
* Thanks to the boyfriend who had helped me upload these two lovely videos on Youtube.

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.::WaNiE::. said...

wooo cool .. black and white video

deus X machina said...

peh...ahkakk nuffnang sekarang

atreyu strange said...

@wanie - woot woot!

@deus - apakah kaitan post ini dgn nuffnang pak deus?

Ronnie said...

hehe... its not the budget that matters.... it is the time consuming.... need to clean it if not very dirty and poisonous especially for kids..

aurikelsan said...


Dewi Batrishya said...

Hamster! I adore them.. ^^
Tht's a god phone. can see clear enough.
Lets have fun in MTV World Stage!
WeeHoo!! :D

atreyu strange said...

@Ronnie - Yeah, have to clean the cage and the hamsters at least 3 times weekly.

@aurikelsan - RAWRR!!

@Dewi Batrishya - Yeay! See you there!

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