Monday, July 19, 2010

#Maxis10 Review Wrap Up

So this might be goodbye. My sweet two-week affair with the Samsung Galaxy S might just end anytime soon. I would like to thank Maxis for giving me the opportunity to review the Samsung Galaxy S. I have never done a gadget review before so I hope Maxis is happy with all the reviews that I've done so far.

And I would also like to thank the #Maxis10 bloggers for all the tricks and tips on using the Samsung Galaxy S. For a gadget noob, I've learned a lot during this two week ordeal.

Despite the plasticity, noise from video recording, lousy message notifications and no camera LED flash, the phone still leaves a very strong positive impression on me. If you are not impressed with the HD videos, have you seen any other phone screen as beautiful as the super AMOLED screen of Samsung Galaxy S? Or swype texting that will get you so addictive; you will swype on every touchscreen phone you come across?! As a matter of fact, I am blogging this from the swype keyboard! Sheesh. This is one phone I wish to continue using.

Samsung Galaxy S is an easy and fun to use Android phone. Read all my previous reviews under the Maxis10 label.

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5 other story teller(s):

fndrocka said...

definitely fun than iphone 3g

Sharinginfoz said...

it is good that you like it

atreyu strange said...

@fndrocka - yeah! samsung galaxy s ftw!

@sharinginfoz - hopefully i get to keep it. =.=

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Goodbye phone~

atreyu strange said...

@MsXeroz - =.=

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