Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sweet Updates!

Haluuuuuu!!!! *super excited mode*

First of all, I just want to say,


and, and,


I couldn’t feel any better now. I’m super excited that Netherlands won over Brazil. In your faces too Brazilian fans! Haha! Now that Netherlands will be in the semis, I wish them all the best and please make us proud. I love you Oranje!

Now, on to a more awesome, grande, super exciting news, if you've been following me on Twitter, you will know that I’ve been selected by Maxis to review the Samsung Galaxy S for the next two weeks! So, in the next two weeks, please be ready to read lots and LOTS of ranting on the Samsung Galaxy S on my blog!

Among the bloggers who were selected to review the Samsung Galaxy S by Maxis.
From left: @marc_ky, @runningandrew, @tekong, yours truly, and @ariffshah
Pic credits to @ariffshah's bro. Heh.

For those who have not heard of Samsung Galaxy S, this is the latest android phone in the market, running on Android 2.1 and is integrated with Samsung’s own Touchwiz 3.0 user interface.

Pic credits to my Samsung Corby!

My first impression on the phone? Nais! It's light and slick!

To get real-time updates on the Samsung Galaxy S, follow me on twitter @atreyustrange. There are 9 other bloggers who were chosen too and you can follow us using the hashtag #Maxis10. We will be updating you A LOT.

Get Samsung Galaxy S from your nearest Maxis store at just RM 1,699 now! RRP:RM2,599

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aurikelsan said...


suhaisweet said...

Not Bad..My Hot topic 4 the day.. Hot!

jfook said...

Im happier for Germany anywayz.

atreyu strange said...

@aurikelsan - auwwww...

@suhaisweet - :)

@jfook - btwn GER and ARG, i chose GER too. :)

Nick said...

looks like an iphone =) woohooo

atreyu strange said...

@Nick - quite similar.

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