Monday, July 05, 2010

[Galaxy S] Warm Up

This is a warm up post of the many coming posts on Samsung Galaxy S, so let’s just take a tour of the specifications and features of this phone. Since I hate technical terms and it just doesn’t get to me when people use all this mobile jargons, I’m gonna try and make this sound as simple as possible and maybe get you excited a little bit on the Samsung Galaxy S.

The Samsung Galaxy S is the latest Samsung phone running on Android 2.1 – the most latest and an outstanding OS. Inside the phone is Samsung’s homegrown 1GHz processor – so this phone is expected to be very fast in response. So far, if I compare this phone to *cough*HTC Hero*cough*, Galaxy S definitely loads application faster and is more responsive to touch inputs. The Galaxy S also has 8GB/16GB internal storage.

The size of the screen is 4 inch, making this phone the largest super AMOLED screen in the market currently. It is said to be 20% brighter, 80% less reflective in direct sunlight, has a better color representation and more responsive to touch. And I pretty much agree to all of it. My brother and boyfriend are both impressed with the phone display as well.

Measuring at a very slick 9.9mm thin, it is probably the thinnest smart phone in the market. It is very light too although I find the back cover a bit too plastic for me. Actually that’s quite typical from Samsung because my Corby is quite plastic from the back too. The back cover actually has a very similar carbon fibre-like (material mostly found on car exterior) pattern. It would be awesome if it was the REAL DEAL.

Other notable feature is the SWYPE technology where you only need to drag your finger along the keypad to type your messages. You don’t have to lift your finger from letter to letter. It is claimed that you can type 30% faster than your normal typing speed. I’ve tried SWYPE but I’m still slow FML. Haha!

Picture credits to Swypeinc

Then there is the 5.0 mega pixel camera that also shoots HD video at 720P. I am definitely impressed with the picture quality as you can see below. There are many different settings for the camera which I will explore another day. I’ve also taken a video of my hamsters but have yet the time to upload it onto my PC. Will review the video quality on another day as well.

Have I mentioned that I love the sound quality? Yeahh, that’s pretty unbelievable (this coming from Samsung).

And ouhh, of course it’s Wifi enabled. Which stupid *cough cough* smart phone doesn’t allow Wifi anyway? LOL!

For more technical specifications of the phone, read it at
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.o r k e d. said...

okey, sounds worth if own 1. huhuh

atreyu strange said...

@orked - so far so good. :)

CikMelur said...

SWYPE technology?? camne plak tu?? ta angkat jari masa taip mesej??? cam pelik je rasa... advance betul tech skang.. rasa macam makcik2 plak cikMelur ni.. T.T

Anonymous said...

keyboard dia aku minat. sedap ckt nak menaip msg.

atreyu strange said...

@CikMelur - yer, swype ni xyah angkat jari ms taip msg. Just slide your fingers arnd. Huhu.

@Anak Perak - aku masih mengalami kesukaran nk biasakan diri.

Shahrul Shaharuddin said...

Wallaweeyyy~ what the cool talipon meyy~ hehehe
nie yg gatal nak tuka gak nie.. ahahah


atreyu strange said...

@Shahrul - Beli la! Haha!

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