Tuesday, September 01, 2009

This is my dog. Say meow, doggy!

Am I terrible with cars or...

Are these two the SAME car or two DIFFERENT cars??

Apparently, if you check out the Gen-2 section in Proton UK website, you will find the pictures above in the same Gen-2 gallery. So tell me, is Gen-2 ELASTIC? Can we pull the rear to be longer, and push it back in to be shorter?

This is a sad case of a Malaysian car manufacturer. And they put this on the web? And to be viewed by the WHOLE WORLD??!!

I am embarrassed. No wait, I am DISGUSTED! But then again, PROTON doesn't really care, do they?

* Perhaps PROTON is pushing the edge of 1Malaysia to 1Gen-2??
* Why am I looking at cars?? Huhu.
* Do not have a Merdeka post because it did not feel like Merdeka. Anyone else feeling what I'm feeling?

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Najib Hassan said...

tiada komentar tentang kereta itu! ekekekke

atreyu strange said...

Mungkin mereka fikir, apa kata Persona pun kita jual dan biar ia jadi Gen2 Saloon, eh?

Tapi.. aku jumpa Persona saloon jugak.. Adeh. Pening aku!

Ouhh, well,

Itu.. itu.. itu.. PROTON!! *winks*

dillazag said...

hope you don't mind me linking your blog to my blog roll, eh?


blowie said...

camera trick je kott

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