Tuesday, July 21, 2009


During a solar eclipse more than 10 years ago, I remember clearly my grandma would tell us to fast hours before the eclipse. She would also warn us not to use knives and scissors to cut anything. I felt like a pregnant woman then. Haha.

It was then when she told us how the eclipse came into existence. According to the Hindu scriptures, a demon named Rahu (yeahh, I had to google this demon because honestly, I forgot!) wanted to be immortal. So during a ritual of immortality where Gods are given amrut, he disguised himself as a God and sat between the Moon God and the Sun God.

Unknowingly, he was given the amrut and just then, the Moon God and Sun God revealed that it was actually a demon. Unfortunately, the amrut had reached his throat and as he was beheaded, his head remained immortal! LOL.

Since Moon God and Sun God were the two Gods who revealed his true identity, he nurtured hatred towards them. Therefore it is believed that at certain time of the year, Rahu holds the sun and the moon by his mouth, hence, the existence of the solar and lunar eclipses.

So, I was told. Huhu.

Tomorrow, the world will witness this century's longest total solar eclipse. In Malaysia, we could observe a partial solar eclipse between 8.23a.m - 9.48a.m (Bernama, July 21). However, it would be difficult to view the phenomenon as only 17.8 per cent of the sun would be obscured by the moon.

This means I should be fasting. Oh wait, if it's a solar eclipse, I should fast 12 hours before the eclipse. Arghh!! I passed the time to start fasting! Haha. Ouhh well, worry not, one can drink water during this period. Huhu. One should only observe a waterless fast while the actual eclipse is in progress. Ho-yeahh.

One should also take a bath after the eclipse to ward off evil spirits/doings as eclipse is commonly observe as a dark period. LOL, how am I suppose to take a bath while working??? Ahaa.

Anyway, if you'd like to view the live webcasts of the eclipse, they say watch here, but just don't ask me how, haha:

* What a disappointment that the website of National Space Agency, ANGKASA has not provided ANY insights about tomorrow's eclipse.
* Ages ago, I drafted a post about anonymous comments. Now I am thinking of publishing it. They are abusing the freedom of speech a lil too much. Yikes.

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