Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aren't You Afraid?

PUTRAJAYA: A 20-year-old woman suffering from Influenza A(H1N1) died on Tuesday, the fourth person to die in Malaysia due to the virus, while more schools and campuses were closed when students exhibited flu-like symptoms.

The woman, who had contracted the virus through a local transmission, died at the Malacca Hospital from “severe community acquired pneumonia” at 9.40am.

Health Ministry director-general Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican said the woman, who had suffered from obesity, had only sought treatment at the hospital on July 26, 11 days after contracting the disease.

She suffered clinical complications on July 27 and a throat swab was taken on Tuesday.


He said members of the public were still taking H1N1 lightly even after four deaths, adding that the latest victim had not heeded to her parents’ advice to go to the hospital for early treatment. He also said that doctors should be more alert.


A fourth person has died of H1N1. Aren't you afraid YET? I am.

I am afraid for all the people that I LOVE and CARE about.

Unfortunately, they care LESS.

And it HURTS me more than YOU could imagine/see.

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cik bit said...

aku rs..
skolah x patut tutup n let d student go home
nnt menda 2 bleh spread lg best
but then
must there b someone to take care of those quarantined and welfare laa

atreyu strange said...

Beeha, it is true but lets not be too harsh on the universities and/or government. Ini terpulang pada INDIVIDU kalau mereka mahu jaga kesihatan mereka dan orang-orang di sekeliling mereka.

Kita kat Malaysia masih lagi dalam containment phase. Jika di UK, mereka dah masuk treatment phase, which means, "u sakit, u jumpa doktor, then u balik rehat".

Jadi, macam mane mahu ubah mentaliti orang Malaysia yang care-less begini? Haihh..

Aimar said...


k3i said...

soo dem scared rite now.
i even hvg flu..erghhhh~~

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