Monday, July 13, 2009

I ate Zinger Burger earlier than you!

"Don't believe everything you read in your email lah aunty. Salt may have existed long ago. But spam is my generation. So, yeah, I've consumed, I mean, I've learnt about spam much earlier than you do!"

You know how our mum, grandmas and aunties likes giving us advise which normally ends with,
"Kakak, ibu makan garam dulu. Ibu kenal perangai manusia macam ni. Ambil langkah berjaga-jaga dalam pergaulan ye."

Literally, the English translation would be,
"My dear daughter, I have consumed salt even before you were born. I know a bad apple when I see one. Just be extra careful, ok."

Seriously, what's up with the salt? Why salt? Why can't it be sugar, spice and everything nice??! Think Power Puff Girls.

Anyway, my point is, while the earlier generation worry about us getting into trouble with boyfriends and girlfriends, I think we are more than worried if they fall prey to all sorts of spam in the emails, website scams and the oh-so-famous MLM schemes!

I say MORE THAN worried because they still have the mentally of I-ATE-SALT-FIRST. What the ... @#$%^&*!!

My aunt's e-mail is normally flooded with forwarded messages sent by all her other ignorant friends. Titles like "If you have a daughter, please read this!", "A must read about cooking oils", "Fwd this:Stories why Korean women do not get breast cancer" are very common. And as curious as a little girl who notice a bump on her flat chest, my aunt reads them, and is normally followed by a loud gasp of disbelief. Perhaps she just read something like this, "Do you know how they produce the cooking oil you use daily in your kitchen? Urine from cockroaches!!That's the main ingredient!"

Yeah, you think it's foolish, but not for people like her.

Whenever she wants to check her e-mail, I become worried. NOW I KNOW how worried they are when they have knowledge/experience of something we don't! I would constantly check on what she's reading and would normally explain about the content reliability of the forwarded e-mails that she reads.

Among other things that worries me is about her giving out confidential details through the internet. The other day while she was using the internet, an advertisement about investment caught her attention and she ALMOST gave out confidential details about her credit card and stuff!

So, who said parents are the only one who needs to monitor their children while using the internet?

Parents, aunties and uncles OUGHT to be monitored by their children too! Yikes.

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Sweet Thinker said...

BS byk makan hati kan? haha!

Aimar said...

Pengaruh Internet Terhadap Orang-Orang Tua.. huahua..

atreyu strange said...

ST, aku makan hati ke? Uhuhu. Tak sedap lah! Haha.

Aimar, kalau perlu bantuan menulis esei BM, sila buzz aku! Lol!

CikPiN said...

aku boleh betulkan kesalahan ejaan dan tatabahasa

Chan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chan said...

istilah salt tuh sebnrnya berasal dr peribahasa cina.

"gua lebih banyak mkn garam drpd lu mkn nasi"

dengan kata lain, mereka sudah mkn secubit garam setiap hari lebih dr bilangan kamu mkn nasi.

maknanya, mereka nk ckp yg mereka lg byk melihat dunia drpd kamu laa.

harap-harap terjawab pertanyaan kamu. =)

atreyu strange said...

LOL Chan, I knew that. But I just don't get WHY SALT. Obviously, they ate sugar too, didn't they?

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