Thursday, April 09, 2009

Fast and Furious 4

This is gonna be a short review.

In this installment, you get to watch the four 'friends' from the first F&F. But, in the first 15mins, one of them got murdered, Letty. Yup, that sexy chick played by Michelle Rodriguez. No worries, there are many more sexy chicks to watch out for!

So when Dom finds out about Letty's death, he begin to seek revenge. Brian, who is currently with the FBI, is out to catch the man responsible, and so was Dom. Although trust is still an issue between them, they team-up to confront the shared enemy.

A lot of actions, a lot of dangerous stunts, and a lot of girls. *Ok, girls don't bother me, alright!* Something that really got my attention is the originality of their stunts. The stunts maybe imaginative, but the detail of it were just so real! This is definitely a must-watch movie for guys who loves cars and girls who wants to fit in with their boyfriend's interest. Lol.

Judging from one of the earlier scene, this installment must be a sequel to Too Fast Too Furious, but a prequel to Tokyo Drift. And I think the poster has exaggerated the involvement of two of its characters. One died in the first 15mins. And the other chick doesn't do much talking/action either.

Anyway, it is a great movie. Worth the wait of 2 hours doing nothing but sipping coffee to stay awake till movie time. Don't ask why it happened. Haha!

But, it is especially great when you watch it with the people you love, my brother. Lalala~

4.2 out of 5, ok?

* Still mourning over the result of this week's American Idol. This is the end of the road for Scott... Sigh~
* The reason it never changed is because he never log off. Keep that in mind, Jen. No matter how much it hurts.

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D.N.A.S said...

This movie gets a bad review from The Star today (10th April). I'm glad I watched FF4 on Tuesday. I think this kind of movie is not for those heavy drama lovers. I went to watch alone and the cinema was filled with guys. For me it's a good action movies and who needs good script when all you want to watch is fast cars, good stunts and Paul Walker in suits.

Cg said...

i hate 24th april

wish it wont come

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