Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yesterday, I had an argument with someone twice my age about challenges we face in life. I realize now that arguing with her was just a waste of time because in her rebuttal, she often uses words such as fate and Karmasutra, which by the way, is getting on my nerves.

If you're a good friend, you would know by now that I am going through a very difficult phase in life. As we were discussing the problem I have, I was told by her that this is my fate, which I can agree with. But when she said that I cannot fight fate, I beg to disagree.

I admit that I am not a good Hindu nor I follow bhajans religiously like her. Yet, I know that Hinduism does not advocate fatalism as the purest kind. In fatalistic thinking, there is no place for free will. Everything is preordained before birth, and you have little choice other than follow the plan determined by God.

In any battle, there will be a winning and a losing team. If you were in the losing team, and if you were FATED to lose, will you give up hope, let the enemy kill your team members and shoot you in the head? Or will you do everything you could to stay alive and protect the lives of many others?

If according to the person I argued with yesterday, if you were fated to lose, then it may be about you washing off your bad karma. Perhaps, you have done something wrong in your past life and that you are paying for all the sins in this life. Yes, I do believe in karma. What you give, you get back. But little did she realize that if I was fated to lose and yet I kept fighting to protect others, I am indirectly creating a good karma for my next life. I have good intentions. Does it hurt to rebel a little? And even if it is perceived as fighting fate, who are you again to decide?

Fate and Karma, it is all very confusing. It is not only a religious believe, it had turned philosophical. But I want my free will and I will NEVER allow fate to control my life. At the end of the day, I want to make the choice. How it turns out, is then called FATE.

* One fate that everyone will experience is DEATH. So, if you were fated to die tomorrow, will you not fight to survive?
* Good article here.
* I'm moving.

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Rarepeople. said...


>>At the end of the day, I want to make the choice. How it turns out, is then called FATE.<<

totally agreed! fight for ur right, and then lets fate decide.

Aimar said...

tell her (or him), why u eat when God want u to be hungry? Why not just let yourself hungry?

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