Thursday, April 23, 2009

(It's Too Late To) Apologize

It's quite late now. I'm tired. But I have this urge that keep bugging me to update my blog. It's not that I've never blogged at this hour, I've just been sleeping quite early for the past few days.

Oh wait, I need to turn on the mood. Yup, There for Tomorrow doing a cover of Omarion's Ice Box. Say what?! AWESOME-NESS!

Ok, back to what I really wanted to blog about. Last night, I had a dream. Yeahh, I know everyone else dreams. But the dream I had yesterday caught me off guard. When I woke up this morning, I wondered why I dreamt of my grandma who had left us years ago. I felt a slight guilt crawling under my skin, as if I've not thought about her enough in the past month. Yet at the same time, I felt that her presence in my dream is a reminder that she will always be close to me even when she is up there enjoying heaven. And to remind me that no matter what I am facing on earth, she will always be watching over me.

Yeahh, she watched over a lil too much because you were in that dream too! Huhu.

I can't recall the details of the dream, but I know she was there in my dream. I woke up with mixed feelings and that feeling continued until late this evening... and until I found out why she came into my dream!

At the dinner table, I told my aunt about my lil brother's birthday today. She gasp, because she had completely forgotten about it. Then, she admitted that not only she had forgotten my brother's birthday, she also forgotten my grandma's birthday. Say what?! Damn! Now I know why she came into my dream!

To the best grandma in my world, I'm so sorry I have forgotten your birthday which falls on the 20th of April. I am also sorry on behalf of my aunty. Now I know why you came into my dream. You must be so sad that none of us said any prayers for you. Well, I'm sure my other aunty in PJ remembered, but she isn't as important as me, is she? No matter what others (who don't know me or my family well) say, I know that I am your best grandchild and I am the grandchild you loved most. I'm so sorry that I've got so tangled up with my problems that I have forgotten your birthday. But I honestly believe that you not only came to remind me of your birthday, you came to show the love you've always had for me. *Dem this tears*

Happy Birthday Grandma. I know you're doing great up there because in my dream, the soft smile on your face says it all. I wish I could see your smile again.

And to my lil bro, Happy Birthday baby! Haha! I will NEVER stop calling you BABY!

* Some may say I am superstitious about dreams. Explain why I dreamt of her the morning I got that dreadful phone call from my sobbing mum... Yeahh, she communicates through my dream...

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callister said...

ok, that really touch my heart..
I miss my grandad so much..sometimes I wish he'll come in my dream..

atreyu strange said...

Callister, I know how you feel. My deepest condolences.

Najwa_La said...

aku xtw na cakap ape...


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