Thursday, September 25, 2008

Aidilfitri Card

A few of my friends had been sending e-cards for Aidilfitri. One after another, they start designing their own cards. Some even used Paint to design! One friend who was not aware that the others were designing their own had asked me to come up with a card for her. And I did, voluntarily. I am not satisfied with the result, but this is my best. Sorry Bit, aku sgt2 serabut mlm ni.

2 other story teller(s):

ibu_bit said...

cik anak jen..
ibu suka je
sbb dia kaler ijau..
my paberet color
just like my dress 2day..
ahaxx..mekasih ya..muaahhhhh

atreyu strange said...

ahaha~ sudah mau mengaku anak yer. xmo lah, aku masih suke jd jiran ko. erk~ bile ms la plak jd jiran nyer..

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