Monday, September 22, 2008


Yes, I am feeling drowsy right now. NO, I don't take drugs! I'm just on medication for my cough. But it's a nice feeling. I like this feeling. It gets my mind off things. And it inspires me...Yikes.

I look up the sky,
It was pitch black,
There were no stars,
But I smiled anyway.

I look down to the ground,
And I felt humble,
With all this pain,
I am still walking.

Yesterday, today,
I am living the worst,
You don't know that,
You are not here.

Take a look at me,
Take a closer look,
I don't need you,
Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Chris Daughtry - What About Now.mp3
If the quality of this song isn't ggrreatt, aah, sorry ya! Coz I just stole this link somewhere... Aahh...I love this feeling... ZzzZZz...

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