Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bosan ke? Nahh, I beg to differ!

Dah kol 2.40pm. Lapa. Tak makan lagi.
What am I doing?

What's on TV? .hack//root. Shino baru mati, or should I say, she went into a coma in the real world. Haseo... Tabby...

Ape aku mengarut nih? Aihh...tak tau la wei.. I'm just lost right now. I don't know what to do with my life at this moment. I wish to disappear. Really.

I called him you know. My ex... but he did not pick up his phone. As usual. Am I hurt? I don't know. I guess I'm just bored. Need someone to talk to.

Call a friend? They would think I'm crazy. I can't. They think I'm independent. But I'm just hiding behind this thick, ugly skin of mine.

Anyway, he didn't pick up my calls. Yeah, I've mentioned that. And I also sent him a text message. Say what?! Well, I said "Aku suke ar kaco ko. Mcm sronok jek."

Am I pathetic? I beg to differ! I'm NORMAL. Ok, slightly crazy on my left brain, aahh, that gives me the creativity.

Aihh. Aku tak siap lagi report tu. Boss dah mengamuk. Tapi, aku xde mood ahh. Camne?

Besok plak camne? Ntah lah. Aku nak cuti. Isnin Selasa aku keje lagi. Pastu cuti 5 hari. Mau lari. Ke mane? Aku mau ke Pangkor boleh? Aku mau pegi sorang2... Tak pun, pegi Singapore?

Aku nak lari..

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