Monday, October 19, 2009

Through My Window

What a tiring day it was yesterday! But hey, thanks to everyone who made it here. Pini, Aiena, Hanim, Pok, Syed and err, his friend?? Or was it his cousin?? Heh, sorry Syed, it wasn’t my fault! You did not introduce him to me!

ANYWAY, thank goodness, I took another day OFF today! So today is the day that I can get some rest, watch some tv and listen to the radio, which reminds me – it’s been awhile since I tuned-in to! Gaaaahhh.. I used to be sort of addicted to the station until, work caught up with me. LOL~

While I was tuned-in to the station, the DJ played a song which reminded me of a local band though. I did not get the song title but it kept repeating “through my la la.. you and me..” Gosh! Those few lines kept playing in my head! And I’m still tuned-in to the station, hoping that I would bump into the song again. Huhu.

But maybe someone else besides me heard it? *Well of course, it’s a radio station for goodness sake! Yikes.*

I got a band in mind, and I’m pretty sure it’s a local band. It’s definitely one of my favorite local bands. I’ve checked the CD Aimar gave me, and nope, it’s not in the album. But I wouldn’t wanna jump into ANY conclusion just yet. Maybe a pixelated picture of the band might help? Ahaa.

Aaaa... did I make it too obvious?? Hehe.

Oh, and I’ve tried Google. I’m normally good at telling people, “Just google it okay, the internet knows NO boundary”. I guess that serves me right coz I found NO answers!

Anyone? I belanja you teh tarik mamak if you got the song title. If I got the song title myself, well, I guess I’ll belanja myself! Dang!


* Thanks Aimar, for being the handsome usher helping out a lot yesterday! And no, Aleeya is NOT the-madu. Ggrrrr...

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Nigel Tee said...

its through the window. No info about the artist just yet. but i agree with you, its 100% a local band. n it might be bunkface. the lead singer voice belongs to bunkface!


atreyu strange said...

Cool! Someone who agrees! Thanks Nigel!

Nigel Tee said...

through my window sorry.

CikPiN said...

Itu lagu through my window. Hot FM telah membuat pertandingan siapakah penyanyi lagu itu.

dan Ya

ramai rasa Bunkface la orangnya.

atreyu strange said...

Ouhh Nigel and Pini, do I have to belanja you teh tarik now? Haha. I never thought someone would know the song! Dang!

Anonymous said...

i rasa pun macam bunkface...good effort,

Cyril said...

preety clear pic.. =)

CikPiN said...


akan dituntut pada hari sabtu di rumah kau. sila masak dengan sedap.


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