Monday, October 05, 2009


What a weekend!

From left, clockwise: Mum the Tukang Bancuh, Raj the Over-excited Giraffe, Jen the Emo Cover Girl, and Kishen the Stinky Butt-boy.

We FINALLY got the living room painted after MONTHS of planning. Haha. But the detailing work of door frames will only commence next week. And so will the kitchen walls - which we have not bought the paint yet. Bedrooms? Maybe next year! Gagaga~

* Sorry for the terrible picture quality. China phone, biasa la. Haha.
* AAR concert postponed. Aihhh.. Hujung tahun la jawab nyer!

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CikPiN said...

oih..potong rambut.. waahh lama sudah ta jumpekonih..nak bahan rambut!!~

atreyu strange said...

Hebatkan cara aku ikat rambut sampai kau tertipu begini! Wawawa~

cik bit said...

aku rs rambut ko lawak gila
x puas gelak laa
mau gelak lg nnt jmpa ko

zaidharis said...

i love painting..

need sumone deco?

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