Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I knew it!

I was right in my earlier post! As I have suspected, BUNKFACE is THE band that sang the song which got the whole nation buzzing! I found out about this from the Everyone Connects official website. Yeay me! Gotta ring Sam and say, “Gotcha!” – oh wait, I lost his number. Haha.

Bunkface also made a statement through their Facebook Fan Page which I thought was pretty thoughtful and humble:
“Through My Window - This song is not ours, it’s everybody’s. This song is owned by the public who collaborates to sing this song and believe in what it’s promoting… We’re just lucky to be the initial band behind this song. So, follow up guys!! There will be so much more!!”

But then again, without the constant update from the Facebook Fan Page for Everyone Connects, I wouldn’t have known that they revealed the band. They were constantly updating us day in-day out about what’s all this hype about and what more to look out for. It was really fun to read all those comments from fans. Can you believe that someone actually suggested the artist who sang “Through My Window” is MAWI???!! If that was EVER true, that’d be soooOoo SPOOoOOkY! *faints*

As I have further suspected, the song is only an ‘introduction’ for a BIGGER SURPRISE. After the official site revealed the band name that first created major havoc with the song “Through My Window”, they begin to put the puzzles in place for us. Apparently, this is a promotional idea to promote the banner concert where online banners are converted into concert stage. The banners lead to a contest where auditions will be held to find the performers with the best rendition of “Through My Window”. If you’re one of the best, you might as well stand a chance to perform live at their event!

It may not be a fresh-from-the-oven idea, really, but it is definitely a bracing idea in Malaysia! I mean, who came up with that idea HERE?? It’s a very risky idea! What if it didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to be? What if no one cared about the song that was used to promote the banner concert?? Oh well, it’s ALL GOOD now! Haha.

Have you seen the ad on TV yet? That’s such a sweet ad! I love the expressions they gave to each other when they felt pity for the paper-boy who was looking out at the paper-girl. It kinda tells us that the body language can get us connected to one another and that feelings can be expressed through expression and words need not to be spoken.

Download the song, the ringtones and the video at now! Where else can you get FREE entertainment?! Oh - and I freaking love Shila's rendition!

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kenwooi said...

nice song =)

ain_patieha said...

cool stuff! ;D

ikanstim said...

nice one :)

u r in the campaign oso

atreyu strange said...

Eh Ikanstim, jangan cakap banyak! Shhhh... Hehe.

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