Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let Me Tell You A Secret

I have never told this secret to any of my friends. The only other being that knows about this little secret is my mum. But after watching the short film entitled "House" on 15Malaysia website, I think it is due to tell the world.

That short video almost stopped my heart from beating.

That short video has revived an almost forgotten little secret of mine.

That short video brought back childhood memories.

To those who have not seen the video, let me just summarize it for you. It is about a little boy who was asked by a teacher to build a dream house. He built it, brought it to class and innocently showed it to his classmates.

They laughed at him.


Because it was an exact replica of the house he is living in now. It is old, small and cheap.

But why would he want to stay in the same house if it is old, small and cheap?

You don’t have to watch the video to find out. I can tell you why.

Ever since he was born, the house is where he lives. Everything he learns about life begins there. He learnt his mother’s love, the poverty that forces him to save his money, the rusty bicycle he uses to go to the grocery store, playing with dirt, the cold mattresses…

His childhood is in the house.

But although he knows where he lives, he fears that the house will one day be taken away from him.

And so will his childhood.

That is exactly how I feel about the house in my hometown. My childhood is in that house. And I fear that it will be taken away by greedy family members who are only after my grandmother’s only treasure.

It has always been a dream that if someday I become filthy rich, I would pay off those greedy family members and have the land under my name. So I can keep the land, the house, and my childhood. There - I told you my secret.

Out of the 15 short films, "House" is my personal best. I repeat, PERSONAL best. For some good humor, try "Slovak Sling", "Rojak" or "Halal".

Happy watching.

p.s. How about Laksa Sarawak for this coming Diwali celebration?

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CikPiN said...

Menarik siul. Laksa sarawak dan Air teh c peng special. memang menarik.

ain_patieha said...

the video is so deep kan? i almost cried when i watched it.
somehow i have an experience like that before.
my family moved out without even telling me. and i only knew it when my neighbor (which i tumpang her to get home) telling me that my family has moved to a new house. i was shocked. real sad and furious at that time. and i don't even care to know where and how's the new house looks like. somehow at that time i don't even know why i'm mad. when i get home, i cried and refuse to talk to my parents. the new house was ok. (in fact it's in the same pattern with the old house. rumah teres selang 2 lorong je) yeah like u said, it's the memories that hold me up. well i was 16, and it's not me who paid for the house. i couldnt be so selfish to think all about myself without considering why abah and mak did that (ok thats another story pulak hehe). so i tried to accept the situation bits by bits. i'm ok now but whenever i pass or visit the house, all the memories struck me back =') i hate that some parts and layout of the house had been changed but who am i to tell the owner not to do so. maybe i should put that house in my wishlist too. i'll buy it and change it back like the way it was.
ok i'm talking too much now. it's like blogging in ur page LOL.
Happy deepavali =D

Aimar said...

Uhuk.. jeles la ngan korang..

Aku membesar di asrama.. Dan aku dah kaya sekarang.. Aku pergi kat pejabat JAIS cakap nak beli asrama tu diorang tak bagi.. Sedih aku..

atreyu strange said...

CikPin, ko reti tak nak buat Teh C Peng Special? Kene berguru dgn NoQ lah kot. Huhu.

Ain, I think you're not done with the story. Why don't you continue the story on your blog? *stail nak usir ko dari mendapat attention kat belog nih* Haha!

Aimar, sebok je. Orang nak beli, dia pun nak beli! Ceh!

cik bit said...

aku nk makan laksa srawak
siyesly aku akan lambat
aku pkol 4 ptg bru gerak dr perak

pin..sila jgn abiskn mknn

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