Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Malaysia

Dear Malaysia,

This is my 4th attempt to write you this letter. I find it so difficult to express my feelings to you. Of course I love you, but there has been many unpleasant events that has happened and it never fails to upset me.

What has become to the politics in Malaysia? The political scene has been so overwhelming these days that I do not have the time to follow the political scene in the US like I use to religiously 10 years ago.

Shouldn't the politicians we invest our time, MONEY and effort to help build a nation? No, I don't mean another twin tower! I mean, why not focus on economic growth? Our ever-changing educational system maybe? And what about national unity that has been embedded into one concept called the 1Malaysia - why is it all talk and no REAL output?

Aah, I'm sorry Malaysia, you are not to be blamed. It's the people's mindset that has to change. I just don't understand why were some people stepping on the cow's head several weeks ago. Isn't cow a God-made creature too? So they were angry with the state government, but don't you agree that stepping and spatting on the cow's head was a very uncivilized move? And all this while I thought we have reached adulthood! I guess it's true when they say your biological age may scream old, but your psychological age can scream otherwise! Yikes. I hope I'm older and wiser, not older and erm, childish??

I am upset Malaysia, but I don't know how to show it. I certainly won't show it through violence. If I opt for violence, it will only prove to others that Indian's are violent. Just as how they would label the Malay's as being lazy, and the Chinese as being stingy.

As a name, I am proud of you, Malaysia. But as a nation, I am far from being proud. I hope someday I can say that I am COMPLETELY proud of this nation. I somehow feel that some people who reads this letter would think, "If you're not proud of this country, you can pack your things and go back to India". But Malaysia, I won't blame them for having such a slow mental development, after all the -insert race here- is malas! *winks*

Ok Malaysia, I wish you the best of luck to make this country a better place to live! You're a birth that many Indonesians others are envious of. I love you, and you'll never walk alone!

Signing off,
Only a tiny citizen who apparently, has no say to Ketuanan Melayu - you are the best thing ever!

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Aimar said...

Dear Atreyu,

Aimar told me u wrote a letter for me. Unfortunately, i can't read that because some fler blocked internet here. Any blog, article or video that contains 'cow', 'Malaysiakini', 'Ketuanan Melayu' and other sensitive word can't be read or watch..

I tried to use other proxy but internet connection are really slow.. Maybe i use Maxis Broadband instead of UMobile..

I think it's time for me to change (Not change government because I don't think GE will be held shortly) my ISP..

*writing on behalf of Malaysia..

atreyu strange said...

Dear Aimar,

Please tell Malaysia to stop having favorites. Maybe then Screamyx can compete FAIRLY with Maxis, UMobile, etc. *winks*

Ouhh, and Aimar, I **** you! HAHAHA!

k3i said...

i didnt follow the politics stuff..but i was shocked to see foot on head!
only one word, BANGANG!!!!

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