Sunday, May 24, 2009

On Drugs

Aaaa, not that kind of drugs!

For the last two years, I've been on clean record with NO MEDICAL LEAVES used. This year, I've failed to live up to my own expectations as I've taken 3 days of my medical leaves.

In just a week, I've taken two medical leaves for a pain I wish not to disclose here. Heh. Well, it's enough to just say that the pain was agonizing. I hope my condition will get better.

Nevermind, I deserve them anyway.

After days of fighting the pain, finally last night, I went to a really cool place with Aimar. It's so nice to just chill and chat like we used to when we were friends. I'd like to go there again, and this time, with my family. Aah, don't worry, you are family too! Huhu.

I don't have much to say, really. Off to bed now. It's gonna be a long day tomorrow. Sigh~

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C i k P i N said...

weh..tada sihat ka??
aisey.. aku rasa malu ta taw condition ko..
tercari2 sendrik tanpa ada usaha menelepon ko..

alibaizuri said...

I wanna go too.....

atreyu strange said...

Cik Pin, I'm getting better la... kot... huhu~

Alibai, anytime ko bley merempit gi tempat tu la wei. Mcm blkg umah ko jek. Erk~ Haha. Eh,jom double deting! Wawawa~

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