Monday, April 19, 2010

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

For those who had missed all the fun (yes, you have), more than 500 bloggers participated in the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair in Times Square, KL on Saturday, 17th of April to be part of the “Largest Gathering of Bloggers”. And since this is the first largest blogger gathering in Malaysia, we made it into the Malaysia Book of Records! Yeayy to all!

That’s not all coz we had FUN bebeh! There were just so many interesting games to play like shooting cans, snake & ladder, gladiator battle, rodeo, inflatable wall climbing, coconut bowling, dart throwing, and mini basketball. Ok, I may have made up all the names, BUT that is, among others, what we played!

We manage to play ALL the games and some played for several times! Haha. The boyfriend and I fought in the gladiator ‘battle field’. We both agreed that we should whack the hell out of each other and NO MERCY whatsoever. But I didn’t know I should not hit the face coz I was doing that most of the time. LOL. But I fell first anyway! Dang.

And what d’ya know, the organizers were just SO AWESOME AND GENEROUS, that for every game we played, we can collect points and redeem Gatsby products with the points accumulated!

Below are some, I repeat, SOME of the Gatsby products that we redeemed with the points. So damn generous of Gatsby wei!

There were lucky draw as well. But I wasn’t expecting anything *lie* coz I’ve never been LUCKY with lucky draws. LOL. But I had a great time, hanging out with my besties, met some bloggers and all.

A big round of applause to Nuffnang and Gatsby for making this happen and HAPPENING! LOL!

Picture credits to the boyfriend. Huh.

*Grammar still like tongkang pecah and I refuse to proofread! =.=

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aurikelsan said...

beb, bila nak tayang rambut color mocha?? huhuhu

laila said...

woahhh redeem yg mahal2 tuu

Aimar said...

Pic credit to...............

Cayenne said...

i didnt see u!! aw.. u had lots of fun there. i went there for like less than 45 minutes. too busy with college stuff. T.T

Anonymous said...

wah byk giler borong.

.::WaNiE::. said...

wahh banyak barang

atreyu strange said...

@aurikelsan - minggu depan. erkk.

@laila - ktrg main byk kali. huhu.

@Aimar - ye laahhh... aku tambah la jap lg. heh.

@Cayenne - no wonder didn't see u in the crowd! but at least u came to give support rite. *winks*

@Anak Perak, @Wanie - dpt extra points for effort. erkk. haha!

..nOj rawK.. said...

ok jeles! tamo komen. huh

F U N F A B U L O S I T Y said...

memang berbaloi2 lah ke situ arituuu
best dapat jumpa kamo gak arituu-woooo-best2 ;D

CikPiN said...

weh, ko tade gamba aku menunggang ke?? anim punye tipon virus ahh..

eh aurikelsan, saya pun ada jumpe kamu juga ritu. ingat tak? ingat tak? *eksaited padahal ckp hai je..:P*

Brenda Ang said...

Ahahaha, apasal refuse to proofread? (Not that you need to laaaaa..)

aurikelsan said...

cikpin:mesti la hengat..

atreyu strange said...

@noj - tamo komen, tapi ko dah ter-komen jgk! haha..

@FunFabulosity - yeahh, wlpn kite kenal sekejap je.

@CikPin - mcm xde. huhu.

@Brenda Ang - hey, you didn't go? huhu. i thought my grammar a bit tunggang langgang.

menaip said...

hi jen. selamat berkenalan.

atreyu strange said...

@menaip - kamsiah oh kamsiah!

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