Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear Malaysians

Dear Malaysians,

Although for the first time in 47 years 16th of September is declared a public holiday today, let us not forget that we have been Malaysia since 1963.

Let us not forget that our forefathers had fought very hard to gain independence and to form Malaysia.


Let us cherish this day and bring great awareness to fellow Malaysians on the significance of Malaysia Day.

Let us appreciate the pain, the hard work, and the compromise that our forefathers have endured to carve the Document of Unity, our Constitution.

Let us carry on the tradition of our forefathers to be friendly to our neighbours, to show love to all races and to teach our kids discipline – to which; we have lacked in all the departments.


Let us bring Malaysia up for the world to see with great admiration and we will be feared.

Our forefather has accomplished a lot in the past for the betterment of his kids, his grandchildren - us. Why are we disappointing them?

Build this nation; not destroy it. If we destroy it, we will be crushing thousands of hearts of our forefathers.


Signing off,
One hopeful Malaysian.

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Teh Tarik Drinker said...

best read of the day. honest!

'Aini said...

Selamat Hari Malaysia!
Love this entry~

amoi said...

hari malaysia merupakan salah satu cuti umum untuk rakyat malaysia. said...

safe day malaysia!

I like this ayat - "Build this nation; not destroy it. If we destroy it, we will be crushing thousands of hearts of our forefathers."

kita yang bertanggungjawab untuk bina negara ni suatu hari nanti...

atreyu strange said...

@TTD, @Aini - thank you!



@fitrihadi - btol. xkan kita nak destroy lepas tu bg habuk kat anak2 kita kan?

CikPiN said...

entri ini sweet and full of hopes. i'm hoping d same thing as you. :)

jfook said...

Awesome blog entry. XD

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