Sunday, August 22, 2010

I should be sleeping now

But I am still awake!

This is not my usual cycle. If I'm home doing nothing, I would usually fall asleep by 11pm. Something is bothering me. Hmm.

Missing someone, perhaps? Aahh, 99 percent of my heart says YES. T__T

Since I am awake and have nothing better to do with my time, I thought I should share with you gals and guys my luncheon with Nicole and TianChad yesterday afternoon. It was totally spontaneous that we decided to have our lunch together at the Old Town Kopitiam somewhere near KLCC.

So there we were, having our lunch and talking nonsense. Haha. But for most of the time, I think they had to layan my crappy stories. LOL!

But seriously, we had a lot to talk about. Especially when all three of us loves participating in contests. We talked about past contests that we had won, exchanged contest notes, discussed the latest contests that might interest us and even talked about pregnancy.

Yes, we talked about pregnancy. I don't know how that came up but it did! And TianChad was just giving us the blur look when Nicole and I got a little carried away talking about pregnant mums. Haha. And yes, I do find mum with her little baby bump sexy!

Gawd I don't know what does this blog entry serves! This must be one of the laziest entry ever in the history of BEDTIME STORIES!

WHICH reminds me, do you think I should get my own domain name? And if I should, which is a more appropriate name, or Or do you have any other suggestion? This was even discussed during our lunch. Jealous eh they got their own domain name! =.=

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Kancilbiru said...

ehem...ehem....hai, boleh berkenalan...hahahaa...lariksss!

MOFASAD said...

jom lumba denga kelisa gua



atreyu strange said...

@Kancilbiru - Kancil xleh lari laju la. HAHAHAHA!! *gelak jahat sambil mengejar*

@MOFASAD - alaa comel nya ada kelisa! :P

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

aku punya viva boleh? nak main kejar kejar jugak!

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

vote for
it is good to make ur twittername as the same too

ken said...

your own name as the domain better.. =)

atreyu strange said...

@MsXeroz - eh jangan la, I bawak slow je. >.<

@Tian Chad, @ken - but I still sayang this BEDTIMESTORIE name. how? =.=

Hellioz said...

thats cooler..
coller than coolio

atreyu strange said...

@Hellioz - oh gawd, i almost read it as atreyupelir. demmit!

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