Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Disappointed with Pizza Hut

We were at a Pizza Hut in Persiaran Ara Kiri, Bangsar several days ago for buka puasa and I just want to express how disappointed I am with their service.

First of all, the staff did not allow us to make reservation for buka puasa although we were as early as 6pm. I even offered to place my order and PAY for the food beforehand to secure a reservation but it was denied as well. They claimed that the premise will be packed later and other people might take our seats/table.

Well, you can just put up a reservation tag on the table, can’t you?

To this, the staff claimed that they don’t have reservation tags. Mind you, when we were at the mamak several days ago, they just wrote “RESERVED” on a piece of paper and reserved a table for us. What’s so difficult about doing that?? We got a table reserved at a mamak, but not at this Pizza Hut. O_o

Although annoyed, the boyfriend and I decided to just stay and wait until it’s buka puasa time. The waiter took our order at approximately 6.15pm and we were left surfing the internet until it was buka puasa time.

10 minutes into buka puasa time and the premise was only half full. Yeahh, so much for “will be packed later and other people might take your seats/table”. LOL!

The Nasi Kurma Ayam came and we were simply too flabbergasted. Nak mintak tukar, kesian, sebab tengok muka letih staf yang berpuasa.

Doesn't look like the one illustrated, does it?

Then it was already buka puasa time but the Pizza was still not served. Shall we remind you that we came at 6pm and our order was taken at 6.15pm? Buka puasa is ONE HOUR LATER and yet you can’t serve ON TIME?? A friend said, “diorang nak pastikan Pizza tu masih panas bila sampai kat meja kot”.

10 minutes later the Pizza arrived. It was NOT that hot to claim it just came out of the oven. And you know pizzas will not taste that good if it isn’t served hot, right? DOUBLE FACE PALM.

So yes, I am very, very disappointed and ANNOYED with the service at the Pizza Hut in Persiaran Ara Kiri, Bangsar.

Dah lah PERASAN ramai orang nak makan kat situ, servis lembab, buah kurma pun bagi 2 bijik je utk share dua org?? Wehh, mamak pun bagi agar-agar+tembikai+kurma la bai!

p.s. Before any of you suggest that the staffs are probably too tired of fasting, well it should NOT be an excuse for the terrible service overall.
p.p.s There is nothing special about the Citarasa Ramadhan so you can just skip the idea of breaking fast with this offer.

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laila said...

yeww sgt annoying ah staff dia
sabar sungguh ko tunggu sejam lebih

.::WaNiE::. said...

nasi kurma ayam? i hardly see any 'ayam' there.

like that ? mmg terbantut selera makan uhuhuhu

aurikelsan said...

eh, dulu2 bukan kalau diorang serve lambat, more the certain2 time boleh complaint & dpt refund kan?? mst ko baik xmo buat camtue huhuhu

atreyu strange said...

@laila - luar je sabar. dalam dah tak sabar2 nak buat blog post! haha..

@wanie - agak2 kalau aku timbang berat cebisan ayam tu, x sampai 20 GRAM pun. huh.

@aurikelsan - bln pose, aku maafkan drg lambat. tp ni dah melampau lambat plak la kan. haihh.

Anonymous said...

woah i'm surprised u didn't make a scene! if I were u.. u know.. just to show 'em we know our goddamn right!

Shahrul Shaharuddin said...

Kata kao!! huhuu~ sian ko Jen!
kalau aku, mau kne pekik.. husss seb bek puase kan? =D

relex Jen! lepak kat OU jom buka.. hehehe

atreyu strange said...

@J.Love - bf kata jangan! so i pun mkn diam2 dlm hati membebel x sudah. :P

@Shahrul - ada ape kat OU nak lepak sane?

Rebelle Me said...

wah! why they treated u like dat??
customer always rite n i thnk most of the pizza's restaurnt can reserve a table..
y u cant?
i hd worked at pizza wen i was 18..
d pizza not too big but then still can make reservation..
alasan je kot taley reserve..

Delorfilinde said...

that's why i see ppl buka puasa at the mamak and stalls outside.. the number of ppl that buka puasa in pizza hut is small compared to mcd and kfc!!

CikPiN said...

ayamnye mana?
(nada sinis)

Shahrul Shaharuddin said...

Aku suka lepak Seoul Garden!.. hehe nak? =D

aurikelsan said...

shahrol: wahhh..aku suka seoul garden..baru pg 3ari b4 kena pg ms perut ready nak sumbat mcm2..kalau x rugi woo..

atreyu strange said...

@Rebelle Me - I thought it was some kind of temporary policy during the Ramadhan. But a friend just confirmed that he get to reserve table at another branch, so now I just don't understand why we were treated differently. :|

@Delorfilinde - I thought it was bcoz Pizza Hut was more xpensive than the rest. =.=

@CikPin - ai pun xnampak. :P

@Shahrul - dah pegi masa HARI PERTAMA buka pose! :P

@aurikelsan - aku menyumbat lg byk dr bf aku aritu. huhu..

Kancilbiru said...

owh gila menyakitkan hati tgk santapan nasi kurma ayam tu? mana ayamnya? tak penah jumpa lagi pizza hut yang tak bleh book..mmg teruk la service dia..

spectre said...

Really lain macam from ads one? guess really for viewing purpose .....

atreyu strange said...

@kancikbiru - tu laa.. Pelik nape drg x bg book..

@spectre - yeah, sad case..

Aidi-Safuan said...

huhu.. well, at certain fast food. diorang memang x benarkan reservation unless reservation untuk birthday party or something like dat. banyak actually fast food yang buat Policy camnih. so, nak buat camner. staff pon kena la ikot policy kan? :)

btw, tak write complain kat website pizza hut? actually, diorang appreciate kalau ada customer yang suarakan ketidakpuas hatian ini. and normally, diorang akan cuba make up kesalahan diorang dengan bagi something-something. try la. :)

ASaDa RyutaRo said...

mybe kat mana2 pun mmg diorang lambat serve kot. entah apa je yg boleh d jadikan alasan lambat. uhh..

dlu sampai org dh lama berbuka, pizza tak sampai2. bengkak je hati, cam nak tinggalkan gitu je. org nak g solat lg. klu sediakan surau takpe jugak..

atreyu strange said...

@Aidi - Fine by me with the reservation but if the service thereafter sucks, it still sucks and cannot be justified. :P

Hmm.. have linked them to this blog entry tapi maybe sbb aku ni hanyalah blogger picisan, jadi mereka pun x ambil peduli la kot. Hehe.

@Asada - Ohh, Pizza Hut jgk ke? Ape la nasib badan. Huhu..

Aisyah said...

pizza hut sucks! dah lama gila dah tak makan pizza hut. tak sedap,too much experiments and pelik pelik. and bad service. I usually go to domino's for pizzas. awesome. great service and good pizzas. ;p

enjelinajolipit said...

wooo~ cancel nak bebuka kat pizza hut japgi.
btw, nasi tu sangat x meliurkan org yg tengah posa.... FAILED!

Anonymous said...

pizza hut and K.F.C is d sucks management....a delicius food but a bad service...thats mean d company management is sucks...!!!

zaidharis said...

pizza hut ialah bullshit!! walaupun saya pernah jadi staff pizza hut.

atreyu strange said...

@Aisyah - Yeahh, gotta learn from this experience. Domino's for the win! Eh eh..

@enjelinajolipit - ni mmg niat aku. xnk korg pegi berbuka kat pizza sbb akan menghampakan kalian yg berpose. ntah pape.

@anon - yeahh, ok.

@zaidharis - haha!

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